6/7/17 - SAF Station Lunch at Marin Yacht Club

June 17, 2017. The San Francisco Station held our monthly lunch meeting at the Marin Yacht Club in San Rafael, CA. Luncheon speakers were our own SAF members, Sally Honey and Jim Quanci, who spoke about and showed slides of their January 2017, three-week voyage to Antartica aboard the yacht Pelagic Australis, which is owned by CCA member Skip Novak and purpose designed and built for Antarctic voyaging. Sally and Stan Honey (SAF) and Jim Quanci and Mary Lovely (SAF) chartered Pelagic Australis, along with two other couples in January 2017, and sailed across Drake's Passage to Antarctica on an amazing voyage of discovery. Indeed, it was a voyage of discovery for even the skipper and two crewmembers of Pelagic Australis as our intrepid voyagers convinced the crew to sail Pelagic Australis below the Antarctic Circle (66.5 degrees South Latitude), where even they had not been before.

Marin Yacht Club always delivers an excellent buffet lunch; good food at an affordable price.
This meeting was highly attended, with 56 attendees, who were anxious to hear about the Antarctic voyage.
Jim made the point that a vessel--any vessel--should not be on a lee shore when ice bergs or even shelf ice is liable to drift down on the vessel.
The crew anchored (see the anchor in the ice) Pelagic Australis alongside an ice shelf, to have a sundowner ashore (except that the sun only briefly... more...
R/C Foss conducts the business portion of the lunch meeting.
To begin the slide show presentation, Sally put up a chart of Drake's Passage showing Cape Horn, the South Shetland Islands and the Palmer... more...
Every slide was important to explain the voyage and everyone paid attention.
Penguin watching was a very important part of the voyage and Sally has a number of photographs of the different species of penguins, as well as other... more...
Mary Lovely and Jim Quanci at a table with other SAF members during lunch and before Jim and Sally's presentation.
The voyage covered a lot of geography and it was important to have Sally's orientation.
The beauty of cruising Antarctica.
The crew of Pelagic Australis relaxes at the "pub" at the Ukrainian Vernadsky Research Base on Galindez Island (65S). Originally built by... more...
Chuck delivered his monthly safety-at-sea report that, this time, contained rather sobering USCG statistics about annual boating accidents and... more...
SAF members and guests were interested in Sally and Jim's presentation.