4/29/17 - SAF Cruise to Encinal Yacht Club

Photos from SAF Cruise to Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA on April 29/30, 2017, with bonus photos of SAF member, Michael Johnson, receiving the 2016 CCA Blue Water Medal at NYYC.

L-R, Sue Proudfoot, Marilyn Hunt, Noelle Leca & Sandy Edinger. (Photos by Bill Edinger.)
Comparing voyages across or around the bay to Encinal YC on the Oakland Estuary.
Jean Rolien, Kristi Hanelt and Robby Robinson.
Bonus: SAF Member Michael Johnson receives the 2016 CCA Blue Water Medal from CCA Commodore Jim Binch at the New York Yacht Club, March 3, 2017. (... more...
Uniform of the day.
The beginning of a fun-filled evening. Great job by Mike and Sue Proudfoot to arrange the 2017 SAF Spring Cruise.
Noelle & Sandy on the EYC balcony with the Estuary and the City of Oakland behind them.
Bonus: Michael Johnson's acceptance speech in Model Room, NYYC. (Photo by Dan Nerney.)