April Cruise to Useppa

Pre Collier Inn dinner, Joel & Brooke Taliaferro, Valeria & Craig Harnden and Barbara Watson
RC Tanner Rose presents a thank you plaque to Charlie Chapin, watched by Ross Rose and Kay Chapin
Sue Chambers and Brooke Taliaferro
Incognito Don Krippendorf and Mixologist Joel Taliaferro check the Rum Punch
Rum Keg party on the beach
On the beach beside Charlie and Kay Chapin's Morning Glory Cottage
Ross Rose, Heather Lalanne, Brooke Taliaferro and Islander Sherry Welch
Don Krippendorf with Islander Bill Welch
Barbara Watson, Sherry Welch, Gale Beesly, Ross Rose and Brooke Taliaferro
Valerie Harnden and Jerri Ives
Judy Baker, Skip Barlow and Craig Harnden
Ross Rose, RC Tanner Rose and Island hostess Kay Chapin
Charlie and Kay's hand painted cart
RC Tanner Rose addresses the group
Island host Charlie Chapin responds and welcomes all
RC Tanner checks the progress by BBQ experts Charlie Lalanne and Jim Chambers
Gale and Tom Kenney
View over the anchorage from atop Charlie and Kay's home
Don Krippendorf's First Light reflects the setting sun