4/29/17 - SAF Cruise to Encinal Yacht Club

Photos from SAF Cruise to Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA on April 29/30, 2017, with bonus photos of SAF member, Michael Johnson, receiving the 2016 CCA Blue Water Medal at NYYC.

L-R, Sue Proudfoot, Marilyn Hunt, Noelle Leca & Sandy Edinger. (Photos by Bill Edinger.)
Uniform of the day.
Comparing voyages across or around the bay to Encinal YC on the Oakland Estuary.
The beginning of a fun-filled evening. Great job by Mike and Sue Proudfoot to arrange the 2017 SAF Spring Cruise.
Jean Rolien, Kristi Hanelt and Robby Robinson.
Noelle & Sandy on the EYC balcony with the Estuary and the City of Oakland behind them.
Bonus: SAF Member Michael Johnson receives the 2016 CCA Blue Water Medal from CCA Commodore Jim Binch at the New York Yacht Club, March 3, 2017. (... more...
Bonus: Michael Johnson's acceptance speech in Model Room, NYYC. (Photo by Dan Nerney.)