5/4/16 SAF Meeting at San Francisco YC

At our May 4th meeting, held at the San Francisco Yacht Club's Cove House, we welcomed aboard new member Beau Vrolyk and enjoyed a beautiful video of Cruising Alaska, 2015, by our members Steve and Virginia "Ginger" Mason. Steve and Ginger keep their yacht "Sea Jay" in the Pacific Northwest where they have extensively cruised for the past five years. During the summer of 2015 Steve and Ginger cruised Alaska, visiting over 50 anchorages during three months of cruising, and Ginger documented the beauty of the Alaska, including furred, feathered and scaled wild things as well as the warm and hospitible Haida native Americans whose ancestors settled the "Great Land." Thank you Ginger and Seve for a wonderfully enteraining video about Crusing the Land of he Miduight Sun. Ginger's is a good video, with approapriate sound effects, that answers the questions from their neighbors and friends in the Lower 48, "Why do you cruise Alaska and the Pacific Northwest every summer and how do you spend your time, for three or four months, aboard your boat?"

R/C Bob Hanelt welcomes Beau and presents a CCA Club Tie. SAF Station will also gift a CCA burgee to Beau.
Chuck's presentation, "Navigare Necesse Est," was well received.
Opening scenes of the Ginger's video about the Mason's Summer of 2015 cruising Alaska.
Taking and answering questions after a superb video showing.
Members of the SAF station inside the Cove House on the grounds of the San Francisco Yacht Club.