4/6/16 SAF Meeting at Point San Pablo YC

SAF Station held its regular, first Wednesday, meeting at the Point San Pablo Yacht Club at the head of the Santa Fe Channel, Point Richmond, CA, on April 6, 2016.

Pt. San Pablo YC is a great host to the CCA-SAF station by providing a convivial and collegial location combined with excellent food. At this lunch meeting, PSPYC Vice Commodore, Ingrid Hogan, prepared a wonderful spaghetti feed that was served by volunteer PSPYC members. As usual, some of our SAF members arrived by boat.

Our speaker was Kimball Livingston, noted auther and currently Commodore of St. Francis Yacht Club who spoke about Dr. Al Soiland, a pioneer American radiologist who happened to be a mover and shaker in the Southern California yachting scene. Dr. Soiland, among other entities, founded or co-founded the Newport Harbor Yacht Club and the Transpacific Yacht Club and was a well-respected, blue-water yachtsman. Kimball has just completed a biography of Dr. Soiland, as part of Newport Harbor Yacht Club's 2016 centenary celebrations.  

Author Kimball Livingston during his presentation about Dr. Al Soiland. Photo courtesy of John E. Sanford.
Kimball explained his significant research into the life of Dr. Soiland both as a radiologist and a yachtsman. Photo courtesy of John E. Sanford.
We were interested to learn of Dr. Soiland's wide-ranging interests in offshore yacht racing and founding yacht races as well as yacht clubs.
A good meeting, a tasty lunch and a great speaker.