SAF Petaluma Cruise, June 19-21, 2015

CCA-SAF Cruise through San Pablo Bay and up the Petaluma River to the Petaluma Town Basin. Good weather, good meals & good fun.

Kristi & Bob sailed from Alameda to Petaluma with just a Yankee and Jib Staysail. We kept the mainsail furled in the cradle all of the way. Still... more...
Lydia flying appropriate CCA signals for R/C and circumnavigator aboard (Bob & Kristi)
Light airs in the river
Bill Edinger
Sandy and Rebel enjoying the sail
Light airs but nice sail
The Petaluma River winds its way up to Petaluma
We had to move over to the side of the channel to let this tug and barge to by.
The bridge tender waited for us, even though we were about 1/2 hour late due to lack of wind
Lydia & Defiance came through the bridge together
Satisfaction (Bob & Susan Bernheim) & Lydia berth alongside the Petaluma City Docks
Looking aft from Satisfaction as cocktail reception begins aboard
Jean & Mark Lindlow
Aboard Satisfaction
Sandy, Annie & Bill
Fran├žoise, Sandy and Jean
Catching the 0600 high tide.