How to Post

To post images here you need (a) to be logged in and (b) to have one or more albums listing you as a contributor.

Contact the webmaster ( to get your album set up for your pictures or to set you up to create your own album.  Please don't send the pictures! Once set up, you may browse to that new album, do a little more configuration, and then upload your photos.

Arrangement: In Album Settings (when album created or use link at top of album) you can choose how the photos are ordered. Default is "weight smallest to largest" which means that you can apply a number from -99 to 0 to 99 to one or more photos, and those with lower numbers will show first. Other options are by date, or by size, or by popularity, all either ascending or descending. Description: You may add an overall album description, such as "We had a great time spray-painting the Commodore's head. Photos by Bucky the Squirrel" or something a little more dignified.

Ready to upload, okay, great. Go to "Images Management" - this is a link from the album as well. Either drag your images into the box provided OR use the file-select link. Once they are all shown as uploaded, click the "confirm upload" button. Now, you can set weight (affects order of display), title, and/or a description for each image. Click the "Confirm Changes" button to make those stick. Go visit your album, and see how you like it.

HELPFUL HINTS: 1. Try this first with one or two images to get the hang of it. 2. It's okay to upload large files. And they look better on a TV 3. If you add a description to each image, it will make for a more pleasant and interesting viewing experience for viewers 4. A large variety in picture orientation (landscape vs portrait) makes for a sort of irritating viewing experience 5. Be selective with your pictures. Six slight variations on the same theme may not be as interesting as you think